AeroFloat Meditation


AeroFloat Meditation


Take your meditation practice to new heights with AeroFloat! We'll start with a very slow and gentle 5 minute stretch, encouraging dropping into the body and breath before we lay back in the hammock and float and sway for approximately 20 minutes while soothing meditation music plays in the background. This is not a yoga or fitness class. 

Due to limited space, advanced registration is required. 

Wednesday, January 17th 7:45pm - 8:15pm

Wednesday, January 31st 7:45pm - 8:15pm

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We request a fitted T-shirt with sleeves (covering the armpits) and pants/capris that cover the thighs and back of the knees. No perfumes, lotions or jewelry please. We will remove our shoes, socks are welcome. Space limited to 6. For maximum comfort, we request a weight limit of approximately 250 lbs. 

Contraindications : Please consult with a doctor if you have any of these conditions. Easy onset vertigo, Inner ear problems, Severe neck or back pain, Recent surgery, Very high or low blood pressure, Propensity for fainting, Recent concussion or head injury, Head cold, flu or sinusitis, Hiatal hernia, Disc herniation, Pregnancy beyond the 1st trimester, Recent stroke.